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110x62 in

“Driven by our in-depth knowledge of Indian and Ancient art, as well as the art market, we believe in perpetually constructing and reconstructing the vision of Indian Art”


Lealh & Singh is an international art collective with a collaborative team of skilled art technicians, craftsmen and art consultants located in England and India. Our collective experience in fine art, skilled craftsmanship and elaborated technique encompasses consistent creation, development and promotion of the Rare Indian Art.


Inspired by ancient scriptures and history of the Indian subcontinent and its diverse cultural elements, our collective is continuously reflecting on scriptures, stories and narratives. We endeavour to see beyond the texts and capture our own comprehension and vision in our art.


We employ various techniques and plethora of materials and mediums in our art, ranging from natural dyes, gold foils and oil paints to antique coins and sacred threads. The collective collaboration of fine art and craftsmanship is designed for passionate collectors who not only see the aesthetics in our work, but are also keen to discover the message within.


Lealh & Singh artworks represent a mode of expression. Whilst our work to date has been focused on ancient history, our vision is to create a modern history in ancient art forms and curate artistic projects, which engage and inspire our collectors and clients. 

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